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FA/RM Goals

FA/RM has four major aims:

  • Our first major aim is to prevent the spread of the USDA's National Animal Identification System (NAIS) by stopping its further implementation in various states. NAIS would usher in more disastrous government controls over our food supply based on the false notion that tagging every animal in the United States would protect Americans from disease and terrorism. For a more in-depth analysis of NAIS, read our blog posts on NAIS. NoNAIS is also a good source of information.

  • Our second major aim is to oppose the Environmental Protection Agency's proposed regulation of carbon dioxide as a "pollutant." Such regulation could have far-reaching effects on the diets of all Americans by limiting food production and consumption -- likely through limiting meat and milk production. In the proposed EPA rules, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) says:
    Many of the emissions are the result of natural biological processes that are as old as agriculture itself. For instance, technology does not currently exist to prevent the methane produced by enteric fermentation associated with the digestive processes in cows and the cultivation of rice crops; the nitrous oxide produced from the tillage of soils used to grow crops; and the carbon dioxide produced by soil and animal agricultural respiratory processes. The only means of controlling such emissions would be through limiting production, which would result in decreased food supply and radical changes in human diets. (ANPR pp. 66-67)

    If you find this as chilling as we do, please stay tuned for activism opportunities.

  • Our third major aim is to promote each person's right to purchase the food he wishes to eat. All current regulations on food should be repealed. These regulations do not ensure the safety of our food supply; they often endanger it. Instead, they prevent producers from selling perfectly healthy foods like raw milk. They should be replaced with inspection and certification by independent private organizations. Also, based on objective fraud and tort laws, the courts can adjudicate cases of harm to consumers due to negligence or fraud.

  • Our fourth major aim is to promote each food producer's right to produce and sell his products in a free market without any government interference. All government regulations and welfare programs -- whether for large corporations, independent associations, family farmers, or backyard producers -- should be eliminated. All such programs violate rights. They violate the principle of equality before the law by giving gifts to some at the expense of others. They redistribute wealth through burdensome taxes. They prevent people from voluntarily trading to mutual benefit. By so doing, they infringe on our inalienable rights to life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness.

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