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FA/RM's Principles

The group, Free Agriculture - Restore Markets (FA/RM), advocates agricultural and health policies based solely on the principles of individual rights.

The protection of a person's basic rights to growing, producing, selling, buying, and eating the food of his or her choice -- which are applications of the fundamental rights to life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness -- require a separation of economy and state. We support the right of producers and consumers to grow, sell, manufacture, and trade food supplies to mutual benefit without government interference. Based on objective fraud and tort laws, the courts can adjudicate cases of harm to consumers due to negligence or fraud.

This is not anarchy. This is free-market capitalism.


Contributors to FA/RM

FA/RM was founded in 2008 by Dr. Monica Hughes.

Dr. Monica Hughes is a freelance writer in Colorado. She received a bachelor's degree in biology from Houghton College in 1997. She received an MSc and PhD in forest pathology and mycology from State University of New York, College of Environmental Science and Forestry (SUNY-ESF) in 2008. She has taught courses in botany, mycology, cell physiology, and ecology. She has interests in economic botany, nutrition, beekeeping, gardening, and farming. Contact Dr. Hughes at monica@fa-rm.org.

Guy Adamson is a freelance marketing communications writer and at-home dad in Greenville, South Carolina. He holds a BA in journalism from the University of Georgia. As a kid in Georgia, he grew up around dairy farms and was active in 4-H club through cattle shows, dairy judging, land judging, and other agricultural activities. Contact Guy Adamson at guy@fa-rm.org.

Diana Hsieh is a Ph.D student in philosophy at University of Colorado at Boulder. She's currently writing her dissertation on moral responsibility and teaching introductory philosophy courses. She is an avid gardener and cook. She blogs at NoodleFood. Contact her at diana@dianahsieh.com.

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