A Clever Home Owner’s Guide to Avoiding Foreclosures

For most home owners, the mere mention of the word foreclosure leaves a bitter taste on their mouths. It is a scenario that no home owner wants to be in and must make sure to avoid at all times. However, there will come times where serious financial problems come into the picture and foreclosure becomes a reality that must be faced with both wits and bravery on the part of the home owner. But you must know that it is possible for foreclosures to be avoided. Yes, you read that right. Want to know how? You can find some tips from this content that will help you avoid facing foreclosures.

• Consider applying for mortgage modifications
A lot of home owners are not able to keep up with their mortgage payments all because of their high monthly interest rates. This is where mortgage modification programs come of help. Applying for mortgage modification can actually help in reducing the amount of money you pay per month for your mortgage. Most of the time, this program helps in reducing as high as a thousand dollars or even more to your monthly payments. Sometimes, they also help in structuring your loan to make it much easier for you to follow through.

Most local governing bodies make sure to offer several mortgage modification programs so that home owners will not have to face foreclosures. There are some programs that lower the monthly mortgage payment fees as high as 31% of the pre-taxed gross income of the home owner per month. There are also what you call the underwater mortgage programs that help home owners who have experienced a decrease in value of the home that they are currently living in.

• Try applying for unemployed assistance programs
For some home owners, monthly mortgages are left unsettled because of sudden unemployment on their part. Losing your job can happen at just about any time. That being said, there are actually specific programs intended for home owners who have just lost their job for them to still be able to pay for their monthly mortgage rates. There are certain programs that help in reducing the mortgage payments within 12 months while there are some that suspend the monthly payments while the home owner still dost not have any job. Once the home owner has found another job, his or her monthly mortgage payments will be back to normal.

• Get in touch with your lender to ask what other options they have to offer you to avoid foreclosure
When facing foreclosure issues, it is never wise to cut off any communication from your lender and other parties involved in the process. Most of the time, lenders will also have other options or programs to offer you to avoid your properties to be foreclosed. A lot of lenders prefer this approach because if homes owners face foreclosure issues, they will be paying more for its costs. Bear in mind that if they take in foreclosed properties, they will be paying more for its taxes and maintenance fees and will only be free from them once the property is bought yet again.

Author: Mario Black