Effectively Planning a Customer Appreciation Party in the Mortgage Industry

In order for you to make the most out of your mortgage business, you have to attain long-term success. And one of the best ways to do so is to appreciate your past customers. This can be done in the form of a customer appreciation party. By doing this, you are telling your past customers that they are your mortgage consultants not only now but also in the future. Doing this is one way of meeting your customers again and thanking them again after their loan is done.

Contacting them regularly using useful tools, phone calls, mailings, and emails is one way of staying in touch with them. This allows you to keep them informed of savings possibilities, cash-out options, as well as new programs that your mortgage business offers. Nevertheless, appreciation parties are one of the best ways for you to meet them personally. Here are some steps to take to effectively plan a customer appreciation party for them to foster increased transactions, additional referrals, and customer loyalty.

• Creating a guest list
You begin by inviting the past customers that you have closed a mortgage deal with for the past 2 years. When creating your guest list, review the customer satisfaction surveys that your company has sent to your past customers by mail. If you see from the surveys some very unhappy customers, never invite them to the party. You should rather invite repeat customers and realtors, contractors, builders, insurance agents, and attorneys that are your referral partners. Make sure to invite members of your company most especially those who always keep in touch with your past customers such as receptionists, post closers, closers, processors, and sales managers.

• Setting your budget
Get in touch with your main office or your sales manager so that you can ask them for some budget for this customer appreciation party you are setting up. So that you can increase the budget of the party, consider making as sponsors to the event a credit repair company, title company, insurance agent, or contractors.

• Choosing a venue
Your choice of venue highly depends on the budget that you have. With your budget, you can rent a pavilion at a park, book a party center, or have a barbecue in your parking lot. In the end, what is most important during these customer appreciation parties is that you consider them as being a party and not an event that you can do sales.

• Figuring out party details
Figure out the particular time and day of the event that you are planning. Decide if you will have your party done during the weekend or during the business hours. Choose one based on what you think is capable of having more attendees. You then figure out the entertainment, drinks, and food for your party. Will you hire a band or a disc jockey? Do you want to get a money machine for the adults as well as bounce house for the kids?

• Adding some promotional items
Do you have enough budget to give your guests some door prizes for being attendees to your event? Perhaps you can opt to give a grand prize and have your sponsors for the said event provide some gift cards. This actually allows enticing more of your past customers to attend your party by telling them about the prizes you are giving them such as vacations or household appliances. Inexpensive gifts are fine such as some of your promotional items; however, never forget to include expensive gifts as well.

Author: Mario Black