Making Rental Properties More Attractive by Promoting Its Green Features

If you go green and start picking up on what benefits it brings you and others, the first step basically requires you changing your lifestyle. However, being more inclined towards the environment requires more than just changing how you live your life daily. If you look at the bigger picture, after incorporating a greener lifestyle, you then come to conclude that making others realize what benefit going green has on your life, you have to start doing it at home. There are some areas or features of your residential home or rental property that you can turn into greener options.

Going green is considered a fresh and sustainable option in the home construction and home decoration industries. Usually, the prices of rental properties are affected by square footage, site, elevation or height, and number of years from their construction date. But now, the green aspects of features of a home have been shown to have some positive impact on the selling price of the property. With that thought in mind, if you have a rental property with green features, you can be sure to say that it will stand out from your other rental property competition in the market.

For you to convince your potential tenants that your property has gone green, start with the basics. First, you acquire a LEED certification. This certification provides any building with some rating that it is guaranteed cost-saving, efficient, and healthy. Based on studies, green rental properties get more rental premium (9.1%) than those that are not green. In addition to LEED certification, energy star compliance also tells whether or not a rental property is green. Basically, this energy star compliance measures the energy efficiency of any property or home. Usually, this symbol is associated with the energy-saving features of appliances. However, for green properties, they are given to as recognition to property owners that have increased the energy efficiency and decreased the carbon footprints of their buildings.

• Your target market
For green rental properties, your target market are the millennials. Living in green rental properties enables this group of people to have some edge in terms of sustainability in the property where they live while taking advantage of what a green property offers. They also get attracted to them since their going green in terms of their properties is not taken as a hindrance to their freedom.

• Reaching out to your target market
Millennials cannot live a day without having any form of technology by their side. Technology is never absent in any aspect of their lives. Try looking at your millennial target market and you rarely see one without any gadget. Aside from gadgets, they are also very active in various social media platforms. Thus, if you want to market your green rental properties to them, connect with them using the social media platforms that they use.

• Effective marketing methods
As just mentioned, social media is the best way to keep in touch with your market, but how do you do so? You can advertise your green rental property by using photos, posts, and videos. Let your potential tenants know about your green rental property by including some rich descriptions of your property along with their photos, and if possible, let them experience your property by taking them on a video tour.

Author: Mario Black