Promoting Rental Properties Better by Going Green

If you say going green, you are referring to the state of being more environmentally inclined with all aspects of your life. In terms of your home, going green is a good move when it comes to both home construction and home decorations. If you own rental properties, there are certain factors to them that determine their prices.

For instance, the number of years from date of construction, square footage, height or elevation, and site all determine the price of your rental property. However, it does not just end there. Now, their green attributes will have some bearing on the price of your rental properties as well. The green attributes of your rental properties also determine how well your property sells. Thus, if you own rental properties, it is best that you capitalize on their green attributes for you to better stand out from your other competitors. Here are some ways for you to prove that you have a green rental property.

LEED certification: Assurance is crucial in dealing with rental properties. If you want to convince your prospects that your property is green, you have to be able to secure a LEED certification and be able to present your prospects this. In the present, having this certification mean that you are well known for ensuring sustainability development. It puts a stamp on your building with a certain rating that declares its being efficient, healthy, and cost-saving. Based on current statistics, green rental properties have 9.1% more rental premium in comparison to other rental properties that do not possess LEED certification.

Energy star compliance: Another way to tell your prospects that you have a green rental property is to present to them energy star compliance. Being energy star compliant means that your property is an energy efficient one as issued by the EPA or Environmental Protection Agency. While getting the energy compliance is more common among appliances with energy-saving features, green buildings are also being issued with this symbol to give some recognition to the efforts of the owners and developers in ensuring that the property is a contributor to increasing energy efficiency and lessening carbon footprints.

Who should you market?
For green rental properties, the millennials are your target market. According to recent articles, millennials are the ones dominating the single-family rental market. They have this semi-nomadic kind of lifestyle that makes them very flexible and mobile to face new challenges to their independence, careers, and freedom. With green rental properties, millennials are given the edge of sustainability while taking advantage of their benefits without having to give up the freedom that they have always wanted.

Where should you market?
The millennials are very much attached to their technology. You can see this in almost every aspect of their lives. Clearly, you cannot see any millennial roaming around your vicinity without having some gadgets with them. It does not matter if they are at home, at the office, at food hubs, at malls, and even in the caves, mountains, forests, and beaches, millennials will always carry their smartphones, laptops, tablets, or wearable technology pieces with them.

So, if you want to entice this particular market with your green rental properties, get in touch with them using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many more. And surely, they will hear you out.

Author: Mario Black