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3 Tips for buying a house from a developer without getting tricked

Based on the description above, you need to be careful because many problems that may arise. We are looking for tips on buying a house that can be used as a guide, especially if you don’t want to be tricked when you’re buying a Real Estate property.

# 1 Prioritize Developer Reputation

The reputation of developers is very important.

Because the house has not been so while you have to pay off (even if it’s with credit), so it depends on the developer.

And also, the maintenance of certificates is highly dependent on the developer. Unprofessional developers lead to the handling of letters and certificates.

One way of measuring reputation is to see the completeness of the developer permissions, among others:

Land Use Permit: Location Permit, Land Use Aspect, Site Plan approved, Land Use Permit Permit, Land Certificate Number, Building Permit Letter, Building Permit Letter.

Infrastructure already available.

Soil conditions mature.

Minimum land certificates on behalf of the developer

Building Permit Letter

# 2 Certificate Still On Developer Name

When the initial purchase of the house, the certificate is still on behalf of the developer. There are a number of processes to go through until the certificate becomes the buyer’s name.

As long as the certificate is still on behalf of the developer, the implication is:

Take – over credit to other banks is difficult. Generally, banks will not be willing to accept take – over if the certificate status is not Certificate of the ownership on behalf of the owner.

Home sales are difficult because prospective buyers will not be able to get the Certificate of the ownership. Meanwhile, the Certificate of the ownership is important for buyers as a guarantee of the legality of land and building ownership.

Therefore, it’s important to make sure to the developer, when the certificate goes into your name.

In the sale and purchase agreement usually has been included the target of completion of the certificate. The problem, whether the target is kept or not.

# 3 Do not Pay down payment to Developer Before mortgage Approved

Readers on this blog once asked “I was asked to immediately pay a down payment (down payment) by the developer, while the mortgage is still in the process. Do I have to pay the down payment? “.

The thing to remember is there is no guarantee that the bank must approve the mortgage application even though the developer has cooperated with the bank. Because banks not only see developers but also evaluate the buyer’s financial ability to pay off the installments.

Therefore, it is better to pay down payment after the decision of mortgage approval.

If there is no decision, it should not be paid down payment because if it turns out that the mortgage is not approved, you have to ask back down payment and it is usually not easy (there are always pieces).