The Importance of Getting a Home Loan Pre-approval While Still Looking for Houses

What majority of potential home owners enjoy a lot while going on a house hunt will be seeing what each neighborhood and each housing option offers. The houses you see from one neighborhood are clearly not the same as the houses you see from another neighborhood. Yet no matter how enjoyable this process might be, you will be investing a lot of your time and effort in it.

Nevertheless, getting the best financing option seems to be one of the most important aspects in buying a home. A wise home buyer is someone who first gets a home loan pre-approval before buying a house or better before even starting looking for the perfect one.

While going on a house hunt in your target neighborhoods, you finally found a property that is well priced. Keeping this in mind, you know that the competition will be tough to have your offer accepted by the home seller over the other bidders. It will be to your advantage then to acquire a home loan pre-approval so that when your real estate broker will offer a deal, they will tell the home seller that you are pre-approved already. If the home seller wants to sell their home fast that they cannot afford anymore to wait a couple of weeks or months to get check out the highest bidder, they will most likely take your lower offer knowing that you can surely pay them.


Getting a home loan pre-approval does not necessarily imply that you will be approved of getting a mortgage more so getting a more favorable set of terms or a particular rate. The process of being pre-approved is really all about getting yourself started in buying a house while still preparing for minimal documentation. It helps in knowing what price range of houses you can afford based on your income. Also, it can serve as a credit check that would help determine what alarming issues you might be facing.

But what is really beneficial with getting a pre-approval is the fact that you can start accomplishing your documentation requirements as recently, these requirements have become stricter. You have to provide your tax returns the past years as well as be ready to answer any question that pertains to your sources of income.

Gone are the days where not having any documentation will have you accepted to get a house loan. This is actually something very beneficial among home buyers who would want to keep their homes with them, enjoy it, and increase its assets and value in the following years. You must be able to prepare the following documentation when getting a pre-approval for your home loan: verification of employment, proof of assets, and proof of income.

Usually, lenders make sure to give the best interest rate offers to people who have obtained a credit score above 740. However, this does not automatically imply that those who have a credit score below such number cannot get a loan. They can actually still be granted, but they can always expect to be getting terms that are less favorable instead.

Author: Mario Black