Unique Concepts to Try on Your Urban Real Estate Property

One of the challenges of owning a real estate property found in urban areas is that it can be challenging to fully develop it if you are on a tight budget. However, if you live in an urban area and you have an extra lot, there are some ways for you to make use of your property without having to invest a lot of your money. Here are some unique concepts that you can try on your property that will contribute to the overall improvement of your community.


• Urban gardening
Among urban properties, gardening is gaining some popularity. And what is great about it is the fact that in just a single lot, you can grow a lot of vegetables. By just preparing a few raised beds, you cannot just grow some greens such as arugula and lettuce you can also grow bigger vegetables and some tomatoes on the side. Just a single lot can be more than enough to provide a good vegetable supply among family and friends. If not, you can turn this lot of yours into a spot where community gardening can be carried out. Allow having your neighbors plant and maintain their own plots. This will no doubt result to improving the overall diet of your entire neighborhood.

• Construction of tiny houses
In the current real estate market, smaller living spaces are becoming popular. One tiny house can easily be constructed on a trailer structure and can be used as a living space for one or two adults. For majority of cities, zoning laws are too complicated where there are some areas that do not allow people to live in small mobile houses. If you have no interest in becoming a legal residence in this tiny house, you can still utilize this space to create between two and three tiny houses and then put them up on display for sale. Your home buyers can easily transfer them to a trailer park or any suburb that have less strict zoning laws. Construction of tiny homes is not the same as that for the more traditional homes because the former will not be needing as many different permits and certifications as the latter.

• Petting zoo
For most children, there is no better feeling in the world than visiting a zoo and having a chance to pet the animals; hence, the existence of petting zoos. Aside from the children benefitting from them, the grownups also benefit from them by allowing them to do whatever it is they want. If you were growing up as a kid loving petting zoos, turning your urban lot into one can actually be a good idea. Though growing goats within city limits can help you produce some meat and milk, most cities have tight regulations against raising livestock. Collecting pets, however, is not the same as raising livestock because it is not intended for producing food. Having a petting zoo within the city can benefit a lot of children from the neighborhood by teaching them about certain kinds of animals that they can never normally see while living the modern city life.

Author: Mario Black